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Apportion Renewal

The Apportion Registration class is also known as I. R. P.  or International Registration Plan. This is a program for licensing commercial vehicles (Trucks, Truck-tractors, Trailers, and Buses) engaged in interstate operation among member jurisdictions (States and Provinces in North America) and is used for the transportation of persons, property, or vehicles in return for compensation.


The Texas Department of Transportation issues this plate directly and they impose all taxes and fees according to several factors such as states required for work, home county, vehicle weight and value, and combined gross weight to be carried.


If you've come here to renew your Apportion Registration, you'll find a list of documents we'll need to take care of this for you, below.  If you don't currently hold an account  and would like to set one up, use this Apportion Account Setup link to establish an account with the Texas Dept of Transportation for your vehicle.


Documents we need to have: 

Click thumbnail pictures for more details.


Texas D. O. T. Apportion Renewal Package: Apportion Renewal Packets:

 are mailed out by the Texas Dept. of Transportation 60 to 90 days prior to your renewal date.  We will need your renewal package and all mileage records for each vehicle being renewed, along with the following document.


Purchaser's Drivers' License:

This serves as a form of authorization.  Texas D.O.T. feels that if we can acquire a copy of your Drivers License than we must be authorized to perform services on your behalf.


Letter of Authorization:

In addition to all copies of Drivers License or ID you'll also be required to sign a letter of authorization.  This is for your protection, as well as ours.  Click on the small picture to the left to download a printable copy that will require a signature for the person or client who is requesting our services.


Proof Of Liability Insurance:

Proof of liability insurance for the vehicle whose registration is being renewed, either per vehicle, in list or in binder or blanket policy form; will be required.  Insurance card must be in the name of the person and or company on the title or renewal notice.  It also must  show the VIN #, make, model,  year,  policy number, date of expiration and a phone number to verify policy information if needed.


Copy of Trucking Company Contract:

Should you be a driver hired under contract by a trucking company, we will require proof of insurance in the trucking companies name for your vehicle  or a list of all vehicles covered.  If you are the owner of a trucking company and are going to use insurance in the company name we will require proof of ownership or business relation.


DBA or Proof of Company Relation:

This is requested when the insurance being provided is in the name of a company and you are the legitimate owner or officer of said company


Vehicle Log Books:

You will need to supply all vehicle log books for the past 12 month period.  Log book should contain all of the following information.  Vehicle data, such as year, make and VIN. A daily account of all trips taken, including routes taken, hours traveled, miles traveled, and state traveled through.  These log books will be submitted to the apportion division, if requested to do so. 


IRS Form 2290 Heavy Road and Use Taxes

 If your vehicle is to carry a combined gross weight of 55,000 lbs or more, you will have to show proof that payment was made for Heavy Road and Use Taxes or a Form 2290 and Schedule 1 to show proof of payment.  If you have not paid these taxes, we can make arrangements to have these taxes paid as part of your apportion renewal service for an addition $85.00 services fee plus your taxes.  The tax amount for your form 2290 are usually $550.00 and are due in May of every year.  If you have not paid these taxes however, a penalty will be assessed by the IRS, which will raise the actual cost of your taxes.  However, there are exemptions should your vehicle not have been in operations in months prior to your filling of form 2290. 


As mentioned previously, if your trying to title a vehicle and set up an Apportion Account for your vehicle, visit our Apportion Filing Page.


Your Almost Done!!!

You've gathered your documents and your ready to have our work eliminate your renewal headache.  Now all you need to do is provide us with contact information and complete a short survey about your case.  Once submitted you'll be place in queue to receive a "Free Title Consult".  At the conclusion of that consultation, you'll be explained exactly how much your transaction court fees and our service fees will cost.  Should you decide to have us perform this service, you'll be sent an email that will allow you to finalize this transaction through our secured payment gateway powered by Paypal.com.  Your payment will be processed and authorized, you'll then  receive  an additional email with specific instructions and printable documents to complete and finalize your service. 


THETITLESTOR.COM's processing fee are usually, just $125.00* per vehicle whose renewal date is more than 30 days away. Should your vehicle be less than 30 days, Rush! service is available for $175.00* If you'd like to have us make your 2290 Heavy Use Tax payment, an addition fee of $85.00* will be charged. Significant discounts considered for Fleet renewals.

* Prices quoted are service fees only and do not include state sales tax, title, or licensing fees or other taxes. 




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